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One week to go and I get my rights back! Finally! I will have signed copies of Warm Robot available as well as digital downloads... so stay tuned for that :) xx And Happy Day!

Clubmen Update 

So an update on The Clubmen...

As some of you know I've been part of a band/project/indescribable endeavor of lunatic proportions called The Clubmen. This is a trio featuring the producer of my album The Breaks, Stu Rowe, the one and only Mr. Andy Partridge... and yours truly smile emoticon We started back in '09 with one or two songs and decided from there that we really wanted to do a full album together. Well kids, it looks like this is the year for The Clubmen... I've got the music for the final tracks we need...all I have to do is write and record the vocals then the boys across the pond will run it thru the golden blender and wrap it in a sparkly bow smile emoticon I'll also tell you that there is a little promo clip out there in the private youtube ethers waiting to be made public... feel free to visit said one and only on twitter and express your curiosity smile emoticon

That's it for now xx


Glitch and Bitch :) 

So, the last month or so has been rather fraught with technical difficulties. All is well now, tho.... so expect things to pick up shortly :) I'm in the process of building/rebuilding my studio situation - this will include a nice little place to do video as well... Stuff always takes longer than I think it will - but I am closing in folks!

Re: The Clubmen
New vocals have been sent and received by the English cronies - so that is moving along nicely, We expect the album to get done over the winter! A 2015 release perhaps?? So far it will be on Andy's label so feel free to get over to Ape Records and let him know you are looking forward to it  - let;s get some momentum happening!!

That's it for now - more updates soon!!


No News is Good News and Bad News Travels Fast.... 

From what I hear, that's what is usually said about me. I tend to disappear then reappear... then disappear again with no warning. It's the nature of the game. I have nothing to report at the minute - just that I miss a lot of my friends very much right now and I wish I could jump a plane to see them. I only drink beer in the UK - and I would really like one - this is how I know I have to get back soon xx

The Clubmen!! 

As some of you know, I have been involved in an ongoing project/trio thing with Andy Partridge and Stu Rowe since about 2008 or 9... called The Clubmen. Well, this year I think we might be closing in on an actual album!  We've started up recording again and are amassing a fair number of wonders :) Keep checking back for updates on our progress and for the release of a song off the upcoming album...

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

Hey kids... I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! I didn't know a lot about this disease when I was asked... it just seemed like a lot of fun and I'm always down to help out for a good cause.  I've since done some reading up and have also connected with a few people who's lives have been effected in some way by this disease. It turns out I feel very grateful to have been asked to dump an ice cold bucket of water on my head and raise awareness! I hope you enjoy my video and that afterward you will take the time to find out a bit about ALS and spread the word!