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Glitch and Bitch :) 

So, the last month or so has been rather fraught with technical difficulties. All is well now, tho.... so expect things to pick up shortly :) I'm in the process of building/rebuilding my studio situation - this will include a nice little place to do video as well... Stuff always takes longer than I think it will - but I am closing in folks!

Re: The Clubmen
New vocals have been sent and received by the English cronies - so that is moving along nicely, We expect the album to get done over the winter! A 2015 release perhaps?? So far it will be on Andy's label so feel free to get over to Ape Records and let him know you are looking forward to it  - let;s get some momentum happening!!

That's it for now - more updates soon!!


No News is Good News and Bad News Travels Fast.... 

From what I hear, that's what is usually said about me. I tend to disappear then reappear... then disappear again with no warning. It's the nature of the game. I have nothing to report at the minute - just that I miss a lot of my friends very much right now and I wish I could jump a plane to see them. I only drink beer in the UK - and I would really like one - this is how I know I have to get back soon xx

The Clubmen!! 

As some of you know, I have been involved in an ongoing project/trio thing with Andy Partridge and Stu Rowe since about 2008 or 9... called The Clubmen. Well, this year I think we might be closing in on an actual album!  We've started up recording again and are amassing a fair number of wonders :) Keep checking back for updates on our progress and for the release of a song off the upcoming album...

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

Hey kids... I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! I didn't know a lot about this disease when I was asked... it just seemed like a lot of fun and I'm always down to help out for a good cause.  I've since done some reading up and have also connected with a few people who's lives have been effected in some way by this disease. It turns out I feel very grateful to have been asked to dump an ice cold bucket of water on my head and raise awareness! I hope you enjoy my video and that afterward you will take the time to find out a bit about ALS and spread the word!



This was done for me awhile back... I thought I had lost it in my many travels but hey hey! Here it is safe and sound :) Thanks Emal x

jen olive by emal

Featured Site - Nice! 

Only a few days in  to my new site with Bandzoogle they featured me in their blog! Thanks! xx

Shindig Magazine review of THE BREAKS! 

And finally I can't dismiss you without pointing you firmly in the direction of Albuquerque's startling Jen Olive, whose THE BREAKS proves beyond any reasonable doubt that she could be the envelope-pushing, acoustic guitar-toting Joni Mitchell of her generation if she wasn't already it's Linda Perhacs. Jen;s antennae perceive music differently than the lumpen herd: give her a 4/4 time signature and she'll create an elliptical orb within it, while she approaches harmonic intervals like a swift skimming the surface of a pool. It;s no stretch to imagine Radio 2 enhancing its stock thousandfold by placing the melodiously, effortlessly accessible 'Black Sunday', 'Time', or the title track on constant rotation: but personally, I won't be content until there's a statue of her in Albuquerque's Old Town.